(From the ‘Successful Bands’ blog) – Playing in front of a huge audience of screaming fans is something every musician dreams of.  So why is it that most musicians have such a hard time achieving this goal? I was reading a great article about mistakes musicians make when trying to get into the music business by Tom Hess, when I realized what really holds us back. Most musicians don’t realize what it takes to get there, and they end up focusing on the wrong actions.

It’s hard to imagine that crowds of thousands begins with just a few loyal fans, but this is how it all starts. And guess who’s usually there to support you in the beginning? Your friends!

Your friends will probably be the biggest supporters you have early on.  They’ll come out and support you no matter what; good, bad, awful and everything in between.

What’s really important in the beginning of your career is turning the friends you have into screaming diehard fans themselves. Converting friends to fans is a huge leap forward toward those festival crowds, and here are a few ways to do it!

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